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Computer Science student at Western New England University, a private college in Springfield, Massachusetts.


Beyond Origins
Travelling Salesman
Site Manager
Dungeon Maze

These and other projects can be found here on GitHub. Any repositories not featured above are listed below.

appinventor-weather: final project submission for the "Brockport Coding Academy"
archive (Java, HTML): various things from 2013 to 2018
emr (JavaScript, PHP, HTML): Final project for EDD class in high school, part of the PLTW curriculum
exoplanets (JavaScript, CSS): visualizer and interface for confirmed exoplanets' data
game-records (Python): script that generates the HTML for the game records page
jumper (Java): 2D platformer inspired by the popular 2010's mobile game "Doodle Jump"
misc-python (Python): random scripts written in Python, either fun or useful
net (HTML, CSS): source for this website
school (Java, Python): select classwork for WNE