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Beyond Origins
Travelling Salesman
Site Manager
Dungeon Maze

These and other projects can be found here on GitHub. Any repositories not featured above are listed below.

appinventor-weather: final project submission for the "Brockport Coding Academy"
archive (Java, HTML): various things from 2013 to 2018
emr (JavaScript, PHP, HTML): Final project for EDD class in high school, part of the PLTW curriculum
exoplanets (JavaScript, CSS): visualizer and interface for confirmed exoplanets' data
jumper (Java): 2D platformer inspired by the popular 2010's mobile game "Doodle Jump"
misc-python (Python): random scripts written in Python, either fun or useful
net (HTML, CSS): source for this website
records (Python): scripts for generating the HTML for record pages
school (Java, Python): select classwork for WNE