Last updated October 22, 2017 at 10:51 PM

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Independent and Alternative Media

The seemingly endless onslaught against the President of the United States and independent media, as a whole, has never been greater, or more obvious. Washington Post, New York Times and CNN are some of the top contributors to this Soviet-level of blatant propaganda meant to undermine the President and his administration.

If you would like to help support the rise of independent media, visit some of their websites and social media accounts, and spread the word!

Drudge Report
Jack Posobiec
The Daily Caller
Paul Joseph Watson
Information Liberation

Alternative to Twitter

GAB.ai is what Twitter never was; a social network free from censorship and the place where anyone can say anything, express their constitutional right of free speech. At the moment, it's very "bare bones" but should have more and more additions over the next few months and years.

GAB was first announced on /r/The_Donald in response to evident censorship of pro-Trump accounts and content by Twitter. Gab is open to everybody, it's a place of open disscussion about anything and everything, without censorship. As put by GAB's CEO and co-founder, Andrew Torba, "What is free speech if we don't have the ability to offend people?"

Speak freely on GAB.ai here