Class DroppedItem

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    public class DroppedItem
    extends StaticEntity
    An item that was dropped from the player's inventory (by the user or programatically)
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        private static final double PICKUP_DELAY
        How long it takes for a dropped item to be able to be picked up again after being dropped. This prevents the item from going immediately back into the player's inventory if dropped on it
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        Constant Field Values

        private static final double LIFETIME_DELAY
        How long it takes for a dropped item to "despawn" after being dropped
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        Constant Field Values
      • canPickup

        public boolean canPickup
      • isPlayerOver

        public boolean isPlayerOver
    • Constructor Detail

      • DroppedItem

        public DroppedItem​(ItemStack stack,
                           int x,
                           int y)
    • Method Detail

      • destroy

        private void destroy()
        Removes the dropped item from the current sector's entities, and then kills it
      • pickup

        private boolean pickup()
        Attempt to pickup the dropped item
        Whether or not the dropped item was successfully picked up by the player