Class Player

    • Constructor Detail

      • Player

        public Player()
    • Method Detail

      • generateSectorSpecificCollisions

        public void generateSectorSpecificCollisions​(MapSector sector)
        Generate collisions with sector entities that aren't traversable
        sector - The sector to generate collisions for its non-traversable entities
      • generateMovementRestrictionCollisions

        public void generateMovementRestrictionCollisions​(EntityBoundary... otherBoundaries)
      • generateMovementRestrictionCollisions

        public void generateMovementRestrictionCollisions​(EntityBoundary otherBoundary)
      • invalidateAllMovement

        public void invalidateAllMovement()
      • onInGameEnter

        public void onInGameEnter()
      • onInGameLeave

        public void onInGameLeave()
      • freeze

        public void freeze()
        Makes the player immovable
      • thaw

        public void thaw()
        Restores the player's ability to move
      • enteredBuilding

        public void enteredBuilding()
      • leftBuilding

        public void leftBuilding​(Building building)
      • move

        private void move​(boolean up,
                          boolean down,
                          boolean left,
                          boolean right)
      • getExperienceNeededForNextLevel

        private int getExperienceNeededForNextLevel()
      • levelUp

        private void levelUp()
      • giveExperience

        public void giveExperience​(int amount)
      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Specified by:
        getName in interface Character
      • attack

        public void attack()
        Specified by:
        attack in interface Attacker
      • inflict

        public void inflict​(int amount)
        Specified by:
        inflict in interface Damageable
      • heal

        public void heal​(int amount)
        Specified by:
        heal in interface Damageable